The Gear Jacks Story
Tons of guys kept asking us to to do something for airplanes. So we did!

Gear Jacks — A storage and transport system that's as cool as your airplane

For the past four years we’ve been making really cool, really useful Skid Clamps to secure RC helicopters for storage and transport. Almost from the beginning, guys have asked us why we don’t make something for airplanes. Well…we finally did! We took several months to analyze the products on the market and we looked at a ton of creative DIY approaches to securing large RC aircraft in vehicles and trailers. We wanted to do something that’s easy to implement, really secure, and easy to reconfigure (so you don't have to build a new transport system every time you change airplanes!) We went through four major design revisions and got feedback from guys along the way. The final design has been in the field since its launch at Joe Nall 2017.

Four ways to secure your airplane

Gear Jacks are the core products in a ‘system’ for RC airplane transport. There's a solution for everything from Sport planes to Pattern planes, from Giant Scale to Jets. Today there are four basic models. Strut Supports, Wing Tube Supports, Tail Supports, and Fuselage Supports. In all cases, Gear Jacks get your wheels off the ground to prevent flat spots, they use thick foam pads to cushion the model for transport, and they're super adjustable—so you can reconfigure your setup in minutes (instead of spending the day building a new one).

Strut Supports

Strut Supports are a fast, efficient way to secure many types of RC airplanes. They let you store and transport your planes with the landing gear in place (and with the wheel pants on, too!) but with the weight off the wheels. They're ideal for .30 - .50 size sport and pattern planes. They work well with almost any strut shape—straight, curved, or swept—and the extreme adjustability built-in to Gear Jacks lets you grip the strut securely without damage. Perhaps the best thing about Gear Jack Strut Supports is how quickly they can be adjusted to secure a different airplane. (See How Gear Jacks Work.)

Wing Tube Supports

In airplanes with wing tubes it's pretty certain that the structure around the wing tube is the strongest part of the fuselage. After all, the airplane 'hangs' from the wing tube during flight. So the larger and heavier the airplane is, the more sense it makes to use Wing Tube Supports to secure it for transport. It keeps the wheels off the ground and avoids any stress on the landing gear. And Wing Tube Supports are fast and easy to load because the wing tube 'nests' into them, letting you secure the rubber hold down straps when you're ready.

Gear Jack Wing Tube Supports accommodate a wide range of wing tube diameters—from 5/8" [16mm] to 2-1/4" [57mm]. And short, dummy wing tubes can be made from pvc pipe, aluminum tubing, or wood dowels. Gear Jack Wing Tube Supports ship with 6" long lifting tubes. You can check out the maximum height (reach) on the Tech Specs page here. If you need more reach, longer lifting tubes are available here.

Tail Supports

Gear Jack Tail Supports are a fast, efficient way to secure the tail of many types of RC airplanes. Placed under the fuselage, they 'cradle' the tail and keep the tail wheel off the ground—preventing damage to the tail wheel and strut. With a Gear Jack Tail support you can lock down the tail and know that you'll arrive at the field without damage to tail wheel or control surfaces.

Because they're so easy to adjust, guys are also using Tail Supports as part of a work stand. With the Tail Support raised to set the airplane fuselage perfectly level, fine adjustments like wing incidence can be made quickly and confidently.

And to quickly secure your tail to the Tail Support without damage, add a custom bungee to your Gear Jack setup. With Random Heli's Build-A-Bungee Kit you can make a bungee for the tail that is the perfect length and strength.

Fuselage Supports

Supporting an RC turbine jet or large RC warbird requires at least three, and often four, points of support. The core of the setup is a pair of Fuselage Support Assemblies , one located on each side of the fuselage near the wing root. They carry the heaviest part of the aircraft and restrict roll movement during transport.

The shape of the fuselage, at the point where you want to support the nose or tail, varies from model to model. DIY Fuselage Support Brackets let you custom bend a 'cradle' to perfectly match your aircraft. There are three sizes of Brackets: 12", 16", and 20". Choose the length you need based on the size of the fuselage and mount it on a Headless Stanchion Assembly.

Accessories that add convenience and flexibility

Random Heli Soft Straps hold RC airplane fuselages securely but gently
Soft Strap Kits
Sometimes a bungee is just too aggressive—it localizes the pressure over too small an area. Soft Straps are 3" wide neoprene and have plush, velcro®-compatible loop on one side. Fasten them with the included self adhesive squares or velcro 'hook' tabs.
Random Heli Gear Jacks Mount on Gladiator Gear Track
Gladiator® Gear Track compatible
Further extending the system's flexibility, all Gear Jacks can be mounted on Gladiator Gear Track (the garage organizer available at home improvement stores). Our hardware kit lets you attach three Gear Jacks to Gear Track.
Random Heli Gear Jack with optional Tee Knobs for adjustment without tools
Tee Knobs
If you'd rather make adjustments without tools, you can add optional Tee knobs that press on to the bolts that lock the Gear Jack into position.
Random Heli Gear Jacks Joining Plate for Gladiator Gear Track
Gear Track Joining Plate
This joining plate lets you fasten together two sections of Gladiator® Gear Track in a 'Tee.' With a pair of Strut or Wing Tube Supports on the 'cross' section and a Tail Support on the longer, 'leg' section you can secure an airplane in vehicles quickly, securely, and best of all, portably. It's a great solution for SUVs and pickup trucks and it works equally well as a setup/run up stand.
Random Heli Gear Track Handles for Gladiator Gear Track
Gear Track Handles
Adding handles makes it easy to lift, load, and unload your setup—with the airplane completely secured. These handles fit into the slots in the Gear Track. They're large enough for even big hands to get a good grip on a Gear Track set up.
Random Heli Cross Tee Joining Plate for Gladiator Gear Track
Gear Track Cross Tee Joining Plate
This joining plate lets you fasten together two sections of Gladiator® Gear Track in a sliding 'Tee.' With a pair of Fuselage Supports on the 'cross' section and one or two Fuselage Support Brackets on the longer, 'leg' section you can secure a large jet or warbird quickly, securely, and best of all, portably. It's a great solution for SUVs, pickup trucks, and trailers.

Designed with input from pilots like you

The Gear Jacks system continues to evolve as we get feedback from pilots who’re using it. If you’ve got an idea for an addition to the line up, we’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about Gear Jacks, contact us. We’re eager to help.