Skid Clamp Mounting Techniques
Tips and tricks for mounting RC Heli Skid Clamps in vehicles for transport and on walls and ceilings for storage and display

Vehicle Platform Mounting

Mounting RC Helicopter On Platform

Your heli may suffer crash at the field but it shouldn't crash on the way to the field. Our Skid Clamps make transporting your RC helicopters simple and secure.

Hollow Wall Mounting

RC helicopters as wall art

Storing your heli when you're not flying ought to be more than just sticking it on a shelf. At a minimum you can mount your models to a wall or ceiling so they're safe and out of the way. But why stop there? We think helis should be ART.

Masonry Wall Mounting

RC Helicopter mounted on masonry

With our masonry anchors, mounting your model to plaster, brick, or concrete walls is simple. And if you want to get creative, you can build a rock-solid test stand in minutes and for just a few bucks.

Vehicle Platform Mounting

In this video we'll show you how we upgraded the helicopter transport platform our buddy has mounted in his SUV. At the end you'll see how he became a true believer in the power of Skid Clamps.

Hollow Wall Mounting

This video will show you some simple tricks for mounting your helis to drywall or sheetrock walls and ceilings. You'll also see how to use our hollow wall anchors and achieve the best results.