Made in USA
Cool stuff. Made in USA. On purpose.

Ray Lepper. Random RC Chief Pilot

I’ve been a maker my entire life. My father and grandfather were makers—they used their hands and their brains to build things that people could use. They were proud of that and I am proud of them.

When I started Random Heli I made two very conscious decisions. First, I’d be willing to charge a bit more and absorb higher costs in order to make things in the US—even if that meant a few less sales and a bit less profit. Second, I would accept the fact that if our products were successful, somebody somewhere would probably rip off the designs and have them made in a low cost country in order to take market share by offering lower costs to the customer.

Of course, my decision to make our products in the US is a drop in the bucket. But if enough businesses make the same choice, over time we'll reestablish America's maker pride. I think that's a wonderful goal. I see it like this: the world you wake up to tomorrow will be created by the choices you make today.