T-Track Adjustable Mounting System
Tons of guys kept asking us to sell this. So we made it ourselves, right here in the USA.


Most RC pilots secure their models for transport by mounting Skid Clamps to a board or platform using the supplied screws. That’s fine as long as they can always put the same models in the same place. But what about when the gear you’re carrying interferes with the tail of a heli? Or when a buddy wants to bring along his machines? That’s where Random RC's T-Track System comes in.

With Random RC’s T-Track System you simply loosen the thumbscrews that fasten the Skid Clamps and slide the Clamps to a new position. Need to change the spacing between helis to accommodate an additional model or two? No problem. Loosen the thumbscrews on the existing Skid Clamps, move them to their new position, then slide in additional Clamps and tighten the thumbscrews. It’s fast, flexible, and it makes using Skid Clamps even more convenient.


The system consists of two components: the Rigid PVC T-Track and the thumbscrews and track nuts.The T-Track can be mounted to wood, metal, or plastic using the supplied screws. It can also be mounted to hollow walls (drywall/sheet rock) or masonry walls using anchors you can purchase separately from Random RC or from others. The thumbscrews have good-looking, easy-to-grip knurled black plastic heads molded onto 8-32 steel threads. The thumbscrews drop right into the mounting holes in ALL Random RC Skid Clamp bases WITHOUT modification. The oval track nuts are also steel with 8-32 threads. They slide easily into the track and, when tightened, engage firmly with the 'lip' of the T-Track.

Buy T-Track Adjustable Mounting System

T-Track Adjustable Mounting System: Each pack contains two 24" long pieces of T-Track and 12 screws for mounting on wood, plastic, or sheet metal.

Buy T-Track Thumbscrews and Track Nuts

Hardware Pack: 8 Thumbscrew and 8 T-Track nuts. Each pack contains enough hardware to secure four Skid Clamps. (Skid Clamps are sold separately and are shown for illustration only)

Really Cool

In this example we used two packs of T-Track to span the 46" x 16" (1170mm x 406mm) platform and three packs of hardware to hold the models. The 3/4" (19mm) plywood platform is secured by large thumbscrews and custom blocks attached to the vehicle interior. The track stops 1" (25mm) short of the platform ends to make it easy to add and remove Skid Clamps. The spacing between helis in this example is quite generous—there is still room for another model.

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