About Us

Random Heli — Cool stuff. In no particular order.

Ray Lepper. Random Heli Chief Pilot

I started Random Heli to serve heli-addicts like myself. Our products aren't profound, they're just meant to solve little problems that we all have. The goal is to deliver well engineered, reliable products at reasonable prices.

The other reason I started the business (and this is really important) is to have fun. I've spent years in different businesses where the money was big but the fun was small. Quite intentionally, I expect Random Heli to be the reverse.

A Dedication (of sorts)
This site and this business wouldn't be here if it weren't for Finless Bob. Hell, I probably wouldn't be in the hobby if it weren't for Finless. Through his tireless energy, endless posts, and awesome instructional videos on HeliFreak.com, literally tens of thousands of people like me found support, friendship, and the answers to our questions about building and flying our beloved little machines. Bob (and Will James, thank you, too, Will) have consistently displayed the best values in our hobby. So with gratitude I shamelessly swiped the HeliFreak.com motto as the basis for how we run this business and how we treat our customers:


Here's to you, Bob. Thanks from all of us.