Mods You Can Do
Fast, simple mods that make Skid Clamps work with different sizes and types of RC Heli landing gear.

Mod #
Typical application / heli models
Accommodating over size skid pipes up to 10mm diameter 90 size helis: Avant, Century, Henseleit, JR, Miniature Aircraft, Thunder Tiger, TSA Model
Accommodating skid pipes under 5.5mm diameter 450 and smaller helis from Align, Blade, Gaui, KDS, and others
Accommodating SAB F3C Traditional tube style landing gear (12mm diameter skid pipes) Goblin Urukay, 630, 700, 770, Black Nitro (SAB Model H0454-S); Hirobo Freya 60/90; some scale helis
Accommodating SAB Goblin 380 CF Skids Goblin 380 (SAB model H0555-S)

Mod 1 - Accommodating over size skid pipes up to 10mm diameter

Original Skid Clamps (designed for tube style landing gear) come in three sizes. The largest, STC9000 is designed to accommodate 9.0mm diameter skid pipes. But if you have 10.0mm skids pipes like are found on the Synergy 766, a TDR, Whiplash, gasser, or one of the larger TSA models, then this mod is for you. In just a couple minutes you can modify your STC9000 clamps so they comfortably and reliably secure your heli.

Mod 2 - Accommodating skid pipes under 5.5mm diameter

The smallest of the Original Skid Clamp models is STC5565. It is designed to hold from 5.5mm to 6.5mm skid pipes. But there are tons of models with smaller skid pipe diameters that can be accommodated by employing one of these two mods to the STC5565 Skid Clamp. Thanks very much to the generous guys who made these videos and share them here.

Thanks to Hal Staniloff

Thanks to Mark Wechsler

Mod 3 - Accommodating SAB F3C traditional tube style landing gear

First introduced for the SAB Goblin Urukay model as an F3C undercarriage and now part of the Kyle Stacy Edition Goblin 700, this traditional tube-style undercarriage is being adopted by many Goblin pilots. But what's not traditional is the huge 12mm diameter skid pipes! (Other than scale heli models you'll rarely see skid pipes larger than 10mm diameter.) This clever mod lets you use the STC6377LP Skid Clamp with this new undercarriage and, even better, the mod preserves your ability to use the Clamps on your helis with CF skids.

Mod 4 - Accommodating SAB Goblin 380 CF Skids

The SAB Goblin 380 model was introduced with the tiny 'speed' style landing gear. Not long after that model introduction, SAB offered an optional carbon fiber landing gear similar to their well-known 'signature' designs. But unlike the other Goblin CF skids that are set at a 45° angle, the CF skid plates on this undercarriage are set at a much shallower, approximately 30° angle. This simple mod will let you use the STC5000 Skid Clamp to secure your Goblin 380 with CF skids.

Have YOU Got a Mod You Want to Share?

It seems like everybody in our hobby likes to mod things to make them work better or to adapt them to another purpose. If you've come up with a Skid Clamp mod that you think other RC pilots would find useful, bring it on! We'd love to hear from you.