Best Practices for Using Your Skid Clamps
Before you mount and start using your Skid Clamps, please read through the suggestions and tips below. For additional details about applications, modifications, and mounting suggestions, visit and follow the links embedded below.

Checking the Fit

Before you mount and start using your Skid Clamps, have a look at the list of heli models on this page. You'll see the size of the skid (per the factory), the Skid Clamp model that is recommended, and a link to a user modification if it's recommended. Make sure that the Skid Clamp you’re using is one recommended for your model. Also, bear in mind that people sometimes replace the factory skids with skids that may be a different size or shape. If in doubt, measure your skids and select a Clamp that is designed to fit that size skid. You can see all the dimensions of Skid Clamp models on the Tech Specs page.

Opening Unmounted Clamps

When opening unmounted Original (round, tube-style) Clamps, use the technique shown in the photo with the green check mark to avoid damage to the Clamp Base.

Gripping the Clamp base in the middle lets you open the Latch without stressing the Clamp at all.

Opening the Clamp this way can put unnecessary stress on the Clamp base near the mounting hole.

Mounting the Clamps

Mount the Clamps so they open and close from ‘outboard’ as shown in the photo on the left, below. It makes it much easier to use the proper opening and closing technique.

Mounting the Clamps this way makes it easy to use the recommended technique (see below) for opening and closing your Skid Clamps.

Mounting the Clamps this way makes it difficult to use the recommended opening and closing technique (see below) and can lead to applying excessive force on the Latch.

Mounting Goblin-style Clamps

When mounting Goblin-style Clamps, position the Clamps so that they engage the straight area of the CF skid. Clamping on the curved area of the CF skid creates a twisting force on the Latch that could lead to premature failure.

The Clamp is located on the straight area of the CF skid — away from the curved area.

The Clamp is too close to the curved area of the CF skid.

Opening and Closing Your Skid Clamps

The pictures below illustrate the recommended way to open and close your Skid Clamps. The photos show the technique used on Original (round, tube-style) Clamps but it applies to Goblin-style Clamps, too. Using this technique will reduce the likelihood of breakage and dramatically increase the life of your Clamps. (And if you’ve already suffered some damage, email [email protected] and we’ll take care of you — hey, stuff happens!)

Place your thumb on the logo molded into the top of the Latch. Place your forefinger under the tab at the end of the latch.

With pressure on your thumb, gently lift upward on the tab at the end of the latch.

This is the right place to press when closing the latch. It lets the latch flex out and over the catch on the base.

This way is NOT recommended. It doesn't let the latch flex out and over the catch on the base. It actually makes closing the latch more difficult and can lead to breakage.

Test the Fit & Adjust if Needed

If, after you’ve mounted them, the Clamps are really tight and hard to open and close try these tips.

1) Back off the mounting screws ¼ - ½ a turn. This will let the Clamp base flex during opening and closing — making it much easier to open and close the Clamp.

2) On Original (round, tube-style) Clamps consider removing some or all of the center rib that sits between the grippers in the Clamp base. Check out this video that shows how to modify Original Skid Clamps to fit ‘over-size’ skid pipes. The technique works even when you just need to make the Clamps a little less snug.

3) Especially in wall mount applications where the model remains clamped for extended periods, it is CRITICAL that the Clamps are not too tight. We recommend removing some or all of the center rib in the Base of tube-style Skid Clamps. (For models larger than 500 class, we also recommend using four clamps per model when wall mounting.)

More Useful Information

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Assembly Instructions — If you need to replace a Latch on an Original (round, tube-style) Clamp, this video shows you how to do it. It’s really easy.

Goblin Clamp Mounting — Have a look at this page before you mount your Goblin-style Clamps. It includes photos that show which Clamps fit the different Goblin models and how to mount them for the best results.

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Got Questions We Didn't Answer?

Hopefully this information will help you get the most from your Skid Clamps. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer them.