Random Videos
Here's a collection of videos made by us and by our friends. Each has a random connection to Skid Clamps. If you have a video you think would be a nice (or simply amusing) addition please let us know in an email

Raja Autos into Skid Clamps

The idea for a contest to see who could autorotate and land with their skids in a set of Random Heli Skid Clamps began at Helis Over Delaware in 2013. There are probably only a handful of pilots who have a serious chance of doing it. Anyone who has seen him fly would say Raja Bortcosh is one of them. So on May 3, 2014 at the 5th Annual Spring Fling in Fredericksburg, Virginia Random Heli bet Raja a set of Skid Clamps for all the helis in his fleet if he could do it.

Obviously entering an auto contest where Raja is also competing is...well...good luck. Most days now we make him run the contest instead. LOL

Heli Skiing with Steve O'Connor

At the 2014 Heli Extravaganza held at the Triple Tree Aerodrome in South Carolina, Steve O'Connor started playing around with the Random Heli 'skis'. Basically Skid Clamps mounted on aluminum strips with upturned ends. They make sliding autos really fun. Well, if they work on grass, why not on water? And this silliness lead to Steve demonstrating a new kind of heli skiing—on the lower lake at Triple Tree.

Thanks to Steve O'Connor for being brave (crazy?) enough to attempt this madness.

Heavy Lift - Trex 700E

What happens when a Trex 700E tries to lift a 35 lb. slab of cement? I wanted to demonstrate the holding strength of both Skid Clamps and our masonry anchors. I fully expected them to hold just fine. But I did NOT expect to see this.

Thanks to Joe Diaz for being brave enough to stand within 25 feet of this attempt. I was 50 feet away behind a tree.

How Joe Learned to Trust in the Power of Skid Clamps

After we first set up Joe's RC heli transport platform for his SUV, I wanted to show him how confident I was in our Skid Clamps. He was game but skeptical. Now he's a believer.

Damn, I love this hobby.