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Custom roll out platform for transporting RC Helicopters
Larry Todd
Roll out platform closed ready for transport.
RC Helicopter transport platform in SUV rolls out for easy loading and unloading
Larry Todd
Used Random Heli clips on a roll out platform for the back of my SUV. The roll out makes fitting & mounting larger Helis & planes easier without banging them into one another.
Align 600L Dominator mounted nose down on wall using Random Heli Skid Clamps
Richard Nadeau
My Align 600L Dominator on the wall using Random heli clamps with my S.A.B. Goblins.
Closeup of Random Heli Skid Clamps holding Align 600L Dominator on wall
Richard Nadeau
A closeup of your clamps holding the Align 600L.
RC Helicopter hanging on wall in living room
Ryan Weaver
A man who truly appreciates art.