Check out what other pilots are doing with Skid Clamps
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Five RC helicopters secured for transport in vehicle using Random Heli Skid Clamps and T-Track adjustable mounting system.Craig Dziak
The fleet in position on the[a href=""] T-Track.[/a]
Random Heli T-Track adjusatble mounting system on platform in SUV makes transporting RC helicopters simple, safe, and secure. Craig Dziak
T-Track layout. Notice the offset track. It lets you get the two middle helis closer togther.
Platform in SUV for transporting RC Helicopters. Carpet covered plywood with Random Heli T-track adjustable mounting system.Craig Dziak
Nice cut out for the generator
Craig Dziak
SAB Goblin 380 with CF skids is secured with STC5000 Skid Clamp.[a href=""] See the user mod here[/a]
Two RC Helicopters secured to shelf in RV using Skid ClampsJon Rather
Rv heli shelf. Traveling in Rv heli storage solution
RC Heli transport platform in Nissan Titan pickup truck. Uses Random Heli T-Track and Skid ClampsLuis Vazquez
Custom T-Track platform in Nissan Titan pickup. Check out the labels Luis added to the front edge. Niiice!
Random Heli T-Track and Skid Clamps on custom RC helicopter transport platform.Luis Vazquez
Five Helicopters in a NISSAN TITAN. I love it. Thanks for your help
Buzz Browder
Buzz's transport platform in his pickup truck is unique. He used a really slick piece of hardware to make the platform removeable.
Buzz Browder
Notice the three T-Track rails to accommodate different widths of struts.
Buzz Browder
Most SAB Goblins (and 450 or smaller helis) will need T-Tracks spaced just 3.5" on center. Larger helis with conventional tube skids will fit better on rails around 5" on center.
Buzz Browder
Buzz recessed the T-Track into the platform. Notice the slot for the T-Track extends past the track end making it faster to add or remove Skid Clamps.
Buzz Browder
The platform is secured to the truck bed using aircraft 'L' track bolted to the bed.
Buzz Browder
A single nut and bolt in the 'L' track completely secure the platform. The bolt can be removed so the hardware is quite flush and out of the way when the platform is not needed.
RC Helicopter transport platform in Mini van holds four SAB Goblin helis.Kevin St-Cyr
Kevin and his dad, Steve, built a really fine transport platform for their Mini van
Four Goblin helis secured for transport in mini van using T-Track and Skid Clamps from Random HeliKevin St-Cyr
Recessed T-Track and carpet covering.
Four RC helicopters secured to sliding shelf in pickup truck using Random Heli Skid ClampsJake Sutherlund
Sliding Shelf in pickup truck. Note the channels at each side that retain the shelf.
Four RC helicopters secured to sliding shelf in pickup truck using Random Heli Skid ClampsJake Sutherlund
During transport the shelf is all the way forward. At the field, the tailgate is lowered and the shelf is pulled out.
Compass Warp 360 RC heli is secured for transport in pickup truck using Random Heli STC9000 Skid ClampJake Sutherlund
Compass Warp 360 being secured with STC9000 Skid Clamps. Works great.
Two Align RC Helicopters handing on wall using Skid ClampsGraeme Thomas
Nothing special just my 2 helis hanging on the wall. As my wife pointed out, I have room for one more so I guess an Oxy-3 hanging on the other side of the 550L will look ok.
Three RC Helicopters secured to board on rear seat of crew cab pickup truckSteve Hornsby
T-Track on board secures the helis. The board just sits on the rear seat in the crew cab of the truck
Random Heli T-Track used for transporting RC helicopters in pickup truckSteve Hornsby
Skid Clamps used for securing RC Heli during setup with Soko Heli ToolSteve Rosenlund
I use this tray for keeping y Heli steady during Soko Heli Tool set ups as well as when I'm traveling. I love these things.
SAB Goblin with F3C skids secured by Random Heli Skid Clamp model STC6377LPArt Hughes
SAB Goblin 700 with tube-style F3C skids. The Clamps are STC6377LP with [a href=""] this mod.[/a]
SAB Goblin 500 secured to T-Track using Skid ClampsArt Hughes
Using three T-track rails lets you accommodate helis as small as the Goblin 500, or even the 380 while still having a deep stance for the large models.