T-Track Platform Build
If you want to set up a really slick RC Heli transport platform for your vehicle, this video might give you a few ideas.

Joe's New Platform

Joe sold his Yukon so we decided to build a new, cooler heli platform for his Lincoln Navigator. We used the Random Heli T-Track Adjustable Mounting System and a few tricks from an old craftsman.

Ready To Get Started On YOUR Platform?

Buy T-Track Adjustable Mounting System
T-Track Adjustable Mounting System: Each pack contains two 24" long pieces of T-Track and 12 screws for mounting on wood, plastic, or sheet metal.
Buy T-Track Thumbscrews and Track Nuts
Hardware Pack: 8 Thumbscrews and 8 T-Track nuts. Each pack contains enough hardware to secure four Skid Clamps. (Skid Clamps are sold separately and are shown for illustration only)