Goblin Skid Clamp Mounting and Tech Notes
Before you mount the Skid Clamps for your Goblin (or Lynx Ultra skids) have a look at the information below. You’ll get better performance from your Skid Clamps — and a better result all round.

Goblin Skid Clamp Sizes and Markings

Each of the three models is designed for a nominal CF skid height (shown in orange). The underside of the latch is marked with the second digit of the nominal skid height it is designed to fit.

The SAB Goblin CF skids vary slightly in thickness and height. The flex in the Skid Clamp latch and base will accommodate slight variations in height (<0.5mm) and the self-adhesive grip discs (included in each pair of Clamps) can be used to 'shim' the Clamp for a tighter grip.

STC5000 STC6377 STC6377LP
Goblin 500 Standard Goblin 630/700/770 Standard Goblin 630/700/770 Low Profile
Goblin 380 C.F User Mod 3
Lynx 550 Ultra Goblin 630/700/770 Competition

Lynx Trex 700 Ultra, Profile 2 Lynx Trex 800 Ultra, Profile 1

Goblin 570 Competition, Forward Clamp Goblin 570 Competition, Aft Clamp

Urukay and F3C ( User Mod 4)

SAB Goblin CF Skid Geometry

Broadly, there are two styles of CF skids in the SAB Goblin range: Standard and Low-Profile. The Low-Profile skids make the heli sit lower at the nose. In doing that, the skids have a 'Toe-In' meaning they are closer together at the front of the heli than at the rear. It’s important to note which style you’re using because the optimum mounting layout of the Skid Clamps will be slightly different.

Standard Skids

Goblin Skid Clamp Standard Example

Low Profile / Competition Skids (Toe-In)

Goblin Skid Clamp Toe In Example
Goblin Standard skids are parallel and the heli sits more or less level. (SAB Goblin Low-Profile skids [P/N H0107-S are shown above.)
Goblin Low Profile and Competition skids (as well as several Lynx Ultra skids) are not parallel. The footprint is narrower at the nose. This is 'Toe-In.' The heli sits lower at the nose. (SAB Goblin Low-Profile skids [P/N H0106-S] are shown above.)

Mounting Layouts for Standard and 'Toe-In' CF Skids

In order for the CF skid to fit snugly against the ramp feature of the Skid Clamp base, the Skid Clamps should be mounted square to the CF skid. For Standard skids the Clamps will be in line with each other and form a rectangle. But for the low profile and competition CF skids, the Clamps should be mounted with the inboard mounting screw offset toward the tail of the heli. In all cases, the object is to mount the Skid Clamp square with the CF skid.

Manufacturer Model Manufacturer Part Number Toe-In Angle Inboard Mounting Hole Offset Toward Tail
SAB Goblin 630/700/770 Low Profile H0106-S 3.4 .059" / 1.5mm
SAB Goblin 630/700/770 Competition H0345-S 5.0 .087" / 2.2mm
SAB Goblin 570 (Competition style) H0386-S 3.4 .059" / 1.5mm
Lynx 550X Ultra LX0792 / LX0793 5.3 .093" / 2.3mm
Lynx Trex 700 Ultra, Profile 2 LX0781 /LX0782 5.5 .096" / 2.4mm
Lynx Trex 800 Ultra, Profile 1 LX0761 / LX0762 6.0 .104" / 2.6mm

Goblin-style Skid Clamp Mounting Examples

Below are photos showing typical Goblin (and several Lynx Ultra) Skid sets with the recommended Skid Clamp Models. Please take note of the positioning of the Clamps along the length of the CF skids. (Click a photo to see a larger image.)

Got Questions We Didn't Answer?

Hopefully this information will help you make a nice job of mounting your Goblin Skid Clamps. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to answer them.