How to Assemble Skid Clamps
It's really easy if you follow the tips below. It's also pretty easy to make a mess of it if you don't.

Multi-color RC Helicopter skid clamps clips

Maybe you need to replace a damaged part. Maybe you want to create your own color scheme for the clamps that hold your helis. Either way, you need to watch this video BEFORE you attempt assembly.

How to assemble RC Helicopter skid clips clamps using boiling water

Assembly is easy using boiling water and the technique we'll show you in the video. Hey, watch out for that boiling water. It'll hurt you!

How to assemble RC Helicopter skid clamps clips, close up of bending technique

The trick is to soften the latch in boiling water then spread the latch loops by gently bending the area between the loops. This will let the loops fit over the hinge pins on the clamp base.