The Gear Jacks Story
Tons of guys kept asking us to to do something for airplanes. So we did!

Random Heli Gear Jack models for transporting RC airplanes Random Heli Gear Jack models for transporting RC airplanes Random Heli T-Track Adjustable Mounting System Random Heli Gear Jack Strut Support for transporting RC airplanes Random Heli Skid Clamps for SAB Goblin RC Helicopter Storage and Transport

Next Level RC Airplane Transport

For the past three years we’ve been making really cool, really useful Skid Clamps to secure RC helicopters for storage and transport. Almost from the beginning, guys have asked us why we don’t make something for airplanes. Well…we finally did!

We took several months to analyze the products on the market and we looked at a ton of creative DIY approaches to securing large RC aircraft in vehicles and trailers. We wanted to do something that’s easier for the average guy to implement, really secure, and of course, really cool. We went through four major design revisions and got feedback from some guys along the way. The final design has been in the field for three months now and we think the product is good enough to launch. So here we go.

Extreme Flexibility

Gear Jacks are the core products in a ‘system’ for RC airplane transport. Today there are four models. Two grip the airplane’s struts; the third style grips the wing tube, and the fourth supports the fuselage tail. In all cases, Gear Jacks get your wheels off the ground to prevent flat spots and all use a thick foam pad to cushion the model for transport.
Gear Jack Strut Support Standard
Gear Jack Strut Support Low Profile
Gear Jack Wing Tube Support Standard Gear Jack Tail Support Low Profile
Strut Support

Low Profile Strut Support

Wing Tube Support

Tail Support

A key feature of Gear Jacks grew out of looking at all the DIY solutions guys come up with for storing and transporting their airplanes. We wanted Gear Jacks to give pilots the ability to quickly and easily reconfigure their set up for different airplanes. With four degrees of freedom, Gear Jacks fill that bill. (See How Gear Jacks Work.)

Adding even more flexibility, we designed Gear Jacks to mount on Gladiator® Gear Track. Like our T-Track system for repositioning Skid Clamps for RC Helis, mounting Gear Jacks on Gladiator® Gear Track makes it easy to reconfigure your hold-down setup for different models. Simply loosen the mounting screws, slide your Gear Jacks into the necessary position and lock them down. It takes just minutes. And with our custom Joining Plate for Gear Track, guys who use pickups and SUVs to transport their planes can create a portable hold-down system that slides in and out of the vehicle in seconds.

Mounting Random Heli Gear Jacks on Gladiator Gear Track
Random Heli Joining Plate for Gladiator Gear Track
Gear Track Hardware Kit Secures three Gear Jacks to Gladiator® Gear Track. A nice touch are the two eye bolts included for use on the Tail Support — tie down points for a bungee to secure your airplane's tail.
Joining Plate Lets you fasten together two sections of Gladiator® Gear Track in a 'Tee.' With a pair of Strut or Wing Tube Supports on the 'cross' section and a Tail Support on the 'leg' section you can secure an airplane in vehicles quickly, securely, and best of all, portably. It's a great solution for SUVs and pickup trucks.

Very Cool

Finally, to round out the Gear Jacks system and make it as convenient to use as it is flexible, we’ve got a few accessories that we think guys will find useful: custom bungee building kits, Tee knobs so you can adjust your Gear Jacks without tools, mounting screws, even a set of hex keys in case you don't have what you need.
This offering is just the beginning. We've already got a couple of ideas to further extend the functionality of the Gear Jacks System for jets and warbirds. If you’ve got an idea, a suggestion, or a comment, we love to hear from you.